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substance abuse treatment hunterdon county new jerseyIf you are reading this then a part of you has already decided that now is the time for change.

  • Are you in a life TRANSITION?
  • Would you like more SUCCESS and less stress?
  • Are you looking for more MEANING, JOY and HAPPINESS?
  • Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, to find true HAPPINESS and success then I can help. With  20 years experience as a  counselor and coach, I am a caring professional who will work with you to create your best possible life.  Together we will discover your life’s purpose and the steps you need to take to get there and achieve real happiness. Similar to a car’s GPS, I help you navigate as I guide you on your journey, redirecting you when needed, but you are ultimately the driver in charge. I can also help with Alcohol Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Counseling!

My true happiness comes from inspiring the strengths in others.


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How Coaching Works

Increase Happiness with an Attitude of Gratitude

2010-05-19-gratitudepicCan practicing an attitude of gratitude actually contribute to a happier state of mind?  The answer appears to be  a resounding “yes”!   Science is providing the evidence that a practice of gratitude can shape our consciousness towards greater happiness.  Perhaps growing up you were told to, “Count your blessings”.  New studies show that this simple  act can improve one’s quality of life.

One suggestion for making gratitude work to increase a positive mental state of being is to keep a simple gratitude  list or journal.  Every evening before going to sleep write down three things you are grateful for.  Easy enough!  The challenge is that you should try not to repeat things on your list.  Each evening, come up with three new items to add.  Perhaps you might include simple things like getting a smile from a child or finding the perfect parking space.  You will also have life’s larger gifts for which to be grateful.  Why it give it a try?!

You could also choose to write a letter to someone in your life for whom you are very grateful.  Watch the video here of some people who did just that.  Their efforts to express appreciation had a positive impact on both the person who was appreciated and on the person who was grateful.