Alcohol Treatment

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Looking for alcohol treatment in Hunterdon County New Jersey?

Are You an Alcoholic in Need of Help?

Look at some of the following questions.  If you answer “Yes” to any of them you may need alcohol treatment.

  • Are you unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink?
  • Do you feel a strong need or compulsion to drink?
  • Have you developed tolerance to alcohol so that you need more to feel its effects?
  • Do you drink alone or hide your drinking?
  • Have you experienced physical withdrawal symptoms — such as nausea, sweating and shaking — when you don’t drink?
  • Do you sometimes not remember conversations or commitments?
  • Do you make a ritual of having drinks at certain times and become annoyed when this ritual is disturbed or questioned?
  • Are you irritable when your usual drinking time nears, especially if alcohol isn’t available?
  • Do you keep alcohol in unlikely places at home, at work or in your car?
  • Do you gulp drinks, order doubles, or become drunk intentionally to feel good, or drink to feel “normal”?
  • Do you have legal problems or problems with relationships, employment or finances due to drinking?
  • Have you lost interest in activities and hobbies that used to bring you pleasure?

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive disease that can be fatal without alcohol treatment.  Alcohol abuse includes the inability to control drinking, continued drinking despite knowing its negative affects, the need for more alcohol because of a growing tolerance of alcohol, and symptoms of withdrawal such as shakiness and cloudy thinking when the alcoholic suddenly stops drinking.  The alcoholic has little chance of stopping drinking on their own. That’s where alcohol treatment can help.

Before one becomes dependent on alcohol (and therefore and alcoholic) they may be in a stage of Abuse.  At his stage a person still has the ability to stop drinking or to cut down on their alcohol consumption on their own.  But guidance from on outside source is most often helpful in preventing the drinker from complete dependence.

Whether you or someone you love are alcohol dependent or alcohol abusing I can help.


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