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Would you rather be kind or right?

Growing up, I felt that my intellect was valued and that it was always better to be right, to have the correct “answer” and to be seen as “smart”. In fact, the idea of being wrong was anathema to me! The older I got the more I realized that being right all the time didn’t […]


Increase Happiness with an Attitude of Gratitude

Can practicing an attitude of gratitude actually contribute to a happier state of mind?  The answer appears to be  a resounding “yes”!   Science is providing the evidence that a practice of gratitude can shape our consciousness towards greater happiness.  Perhaps growing up you were told to, “Count your blessings”.  New studies show that this […]


Alcohol and Sexual Abuse in College

Alcohol use among college kids seems to be part of the college experience.  What is frightening however, are the statistics that concern alcohol consumption and sex abuse on college campuses.  Following are some sobering statistics as gathered  by Robin Hattersley Gray. Between 20% and 25% of women will experience a completed and/or attempted rape during […]