What does a Life Coach do?

As a Life Coach, I work with interesting, talented and amazing people from all walks of life who are faced with a challenge. This may be an unhappy relationship, frustration in a career, disappointment with academic performance, health or weight issues, substance abuse, social frustrations, family issues and the like. To achieve their goals, I show my life coaching clients how to gain more confidence, improve their relationships, attain better health, obtain higher salaries and increase their overall happiness.

How My Life & Career Coaching Works

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As a professional career coach serving Clinton, Flemington and Hunterdon County, New Jersey, as well as Somerset County, and surrounding areas, I can support you with career-related challenges. If you are contemplating a career change, are between jobs or are re-entering the work force you can benefit from working with me. I can help yo put your qualifications, experience, and strengths in a broad perspective that takes into consideration your desired outcome. I help you gain a better understanding of what really matters to you personally.

My Career Coaching Process

I have a successful 5-Step career coaching process that uses evidence-based assessment tests to help you find your top strengths, talents and gifts. Keeping a positive focus, we use these character assets and your personal goals to look at various options as we develop a plan for your career.

What are your career coaching needs?

Whether you are looking to better use your talents in your existing job or want to find a more deeply satisfying career I can help. Or perhaps you need some simple direction and focus so that you are leading a happier and more fulfilled life. I can offer my talents to help you find the best way for you to offer yours!

Why Choose a Career or Life Coach?

As a Life and Career Coach my clients benefit because they increase their personal strengths, learn new behaviors and are given valuable tools to make positive changes in their lives. The result is that they become happier. I offer Life and Career coaching and counseling services serving Hunterdon County and Somerset County New Jersey, and the surrounding area.

How Coaching Works