Read what Dawn’s clients are saying:

Dawn has helped me tremendously over the last 10 years in both my professional and personal life. She really knows how to dig to the root of an issue and recommend creative strategies. She is my ‘go to’ for tough issues, and areas in my life that I am looking to improve. She’s a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She draws upon her own life experience and her education in order to make clients feel less alone. I highly recommend Dawn for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, remove self-sabotaging habits, overcome fears, and become the best version of themselves!

— Courtney L.

Dawn is the best! She knows how to help me solve my own issues without pushing me. She’s the best sounding board I’ve ever encountered and gives sage advice and direction. She’s helped me work through some of the worst times of my life. I have 100% trust in her and highly recommend her.

— Kacey M.


When I’ve been in a state of uncertainty, Dawn helps me discern what actually needs to be done. When I’m confused in my thinking, Dawn brings me back to a place of positive growth.

— L.M., Artist New Hope, Pennsylvania

Without Dawn’s guidance in my life, I’m not sure where I would be. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, dedication and constant support.

— V.D., Corporate Executive, Austin, Texas

I knew I wanted a better life but I didn’t know how to go about making positive changes. Dawn helped me live a life that was in agreement with my values. I am much happier, more confident and more authentic to who I really am.

— K.O., Freelance Writer, Oakland, California

I have personally met with Mrs. Hale during one of her tours in Bhutan. She has guided and supported us in building a new drug and alcohol treatment center here in Bhutan. We strongly recommend her.

— Sonam Split, Paro, Bhutan

With much love and support, Dawn has held a firm hand that is totally non-judgmental and continuously encouraging.

— L.L., New York City, New York

Dawn keeps providing me with the exact guidance that I need. And she doesn’t give up as long as I’m willing to do the work. If you seriously want to change negative patterns in your life, Dawn can do that for and WITH you.

— M.M., Teacher, Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Dawn Hale is truly one-of-a-kind. Her heart and mind are always open and she derives so much joy in helping others.

— M.B., Wilton, Connecticut

When I need someone to help me find a new perspective on a situation, Dawn always finds a way to see the glass ‘half-full’. I would highly recommend Dawn as a coach. She will truly make a huge difference in your life.

— R.S., Fitness Coach, New York City, New York

Dawn is able to see through confusion and encourage active solutions. She helped me walk toward a goal of becoming more comfortable with myself, my family and my career. As a result of Dawn’s guidance, she has impacted how I treat myself. I can now say I am self confident,and I have begun to maximize my business. I believe in myself more than ever.

— A.H., Business Owner, Lake George, New York

With Dawn’s coaching, I am happier and I feel vibrantly alive. I recommend Dawn Hale. That she is a part of my life, I am grateful.

— D.C., Business Owner, Long Island, New York

I describe Dawn’s help as a sort of emotional extreme makeover. Internally, I had such self loathing and little to no self esteem. Dawn helped me change my internal voice and see my strengths and abilities.

— R.J., Medical Technician, Clinton, New Jersey

Dawn Hale is a giving, sharing and very caring coach. She shares from her depth of personal as well as professional wisdom in realistic and attainable goals. She has the insight to guide you to really look for answers within, and is able to make you feel warm and comfortable from the very start. I trust her implicitly, and feel comfortable sharing my deepest fears and emotions. She is a rare and especially gifted coach.

— B.C., Nurse, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Working with Dawn over the last 6 years has improved the quality of my life tremendously. From relationships to career & spirituality, Dawn guides and challenges me to continually grow through understanding and changing negative patterns in my thinking/behavior, as well as, taking risks in every area of my life.

— J.P., Attorney, London, England

My life has become more enriching and meaningful than I ever thought possible due to the work that Dawn and I have done together. She continues to inspire me, believe in me and show me that anything is possible. Her wisdom, humor, enormous heart and positive outlook are just a few things that I admire most about her.

— C.L., IT Technician, Dallas, Texas

Coaching is tricky-you have to find someone with the skills you need and the personality that allows you to ‘click’ with them. Dawn had both and helped me immensely.

— Patti S.

Dawn is insightful and caring. She has been instrumental in helping me navigate through challenging times. I highly recommend her. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from her coaching expertise. She is a gifted and extraordinary guide, coach, and advocate.

— Deirdre O.

Dawn is such a compassionate person. She listens to me and helps me find solutions. She has also taught me techniques to accept some things in my life that I have no control over. I don’t know what I would do without her guidance.

— R.L.S.

Dawn helped me whether some of my darkest days, but never pulled any punches. I’m indebted to this true humanitarian. Dawn was never in a hurry to end our sessions, but she also never made me wait. She was very available and easy to confide in.

— Bob J.

Dawn has been very helpful to me with my issues and problems over the years. She is extremely intelligent and experienced. Her approach is always spot-on but delivered with patience, kindness, and subtlety. I have found her techniques effective and insightful. If you are interested in personal growth, Dawn is a great choice.

— Joy H.